To inspire, respect, support and value people we work with so that they are confident in their abilities to rebuild their lives.

At MAIA Rehabilitation, our aim is simple, we want to help our clients to achieve their goals and to be the best they can possibly be, with our help.


All of our case managers provide evidence-based recommendations for the care packages carefully recruited to suit the client’s needs.


Experienced occupational therapists specialising in their own fields provide clear, comprehensive reports which include up to date information and realistic recommendations. 

Occupational Therapist

Our team of clinicians are based across the UK and consists of Clinical Occupational Therapists, (adult and paediatric) physiotherapists, Vocational Occupational Therapist and Neurological Occupational Therapists

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We strive to identify and maximise potential and growth, so we can help

individuals be the best they can be.

Specialist Team on
Hand for you

Our experienced team is versatile, professional and friendly, offering innovative ideas for problem-solving, recovery and progression.

We have also built excellent relationships with Speech and Language therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists and physiotherapists nationally.

Case Management

Our small team of case managers work closely together and communicate well with instructing parties and, wherever possible, we utilise our own trusted Therapists - subject to their clinical specialities, location and very importantly, if they ‘fit' right for the client.

Dedicated Team

Our office team consists of Case Managers (CM), Clinical Therapists, Assistant Case Managers. (ACM), a Training & Development Specialist, Recruitment, Administration Support and Specialist Benefit Advisors.


From the moment we met Jill Fraser she seemed to put our minds at rest for some of our worries. Jill told us where and what she was going to get started on and then the next thing we know things started to happen.


Jill looked after my family as we were in this nightmare and made sure we got all the help and support we needed and she build up a wonderful relationship with my six year old son and my partner and found my son a play therapist to help him through his tough times. Jill found me a different specialist and put together a team of people to work with me and spotted the ones that worked and the ones that didn't and replaced them with people that did.


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Martin is a retired police sergeant who spent 25 years as a frontline officer in Bedfordshire and the City of London. During his time in the police, Martin gained skills in adult training and is a qualified adult trainer and is a qualified A1 Assessor. These qualities give him a clear oversight over the training packages delivered. He maintains his qualifications to deliver First Aid, Physical Intervention and Conflict Resolution and continues to develop and present industry recognised courses.

Martin utilises his qualifications and years of experience supervising teams in high pressure situations in his team management, organisation and communication. This benefit the development, training and recruitment of staff.

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Jill Fraser has more than twenty years of clinical experience and a B.Sc (Hons.) degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). She is a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT) and is registered with the Health Professions Council. She is a member of Case Management Society UK (CMSUK) and British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABCM). She is the Clinical Director of Maia Therapies and Case Management LTD and Clinical Director of SIRS, Specialist Injury Rehabilitation Services.


Jill has extensive experience of putting together comprehensive care packages. She provides supervision to occupational therapy associates across the UK and supervision for her associate case managers. 


Highlights of Jill’s career include management, comprehensive assessment and treatment of clients with spinal Injuries, orthopaedic injuries, amputations, Traumatic brain injury, and of those who have suffered from severe, clinical negligence and have associated complex needs. In addition, she has provided quantum expert reports for both claimant and defence including Ministry of Justice and has worked with Ministry of Defence with soldiers who have been severely injured. Jill works internationally and is the recognised provider of rehabilitation within the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) in Australia repatriating injured clients to the UK and overseeing their treatment on behalf of the LSA.


Jill has trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) at the Warneford Hospital in Oxford and developed specialist expertise in this area. She has a special interest in psychological effects associated with trauma and disability. She has also studied in depth the influences of personality associated with vocational stress and absence.


Jill is an experienced Expert Witness and has prepared assessment and preparation of comprehensive Medico-Legal reports for personal injury, clinical negligence, family law and workplace disputes, with instructions from both claimant and defence. Evidence given for both claimant and defence.



Louise is our CQC Registered Manager and has an extensive NHS background including Clinical Nurse Specialist/Sister, Acute Pain Practitioner and Senior Charge Nurse. Louise manages all our Rehabilitation Assistants, quality assures our client reports and regulates our administration compliance. Her experience and knowledge dovetails nicely in with the case management role making her an excellent interface for our care and rehabilitation 



Gaby is responsible for all areas of HR for Maia. This is a complex role, so Gaby tells me, that involves recruitment, retention, training and disciplinary legislation and policy. Her other hat is promoting and maintaining the Maia corporate image across all media platforms.



Hannah is responsible for promoting Maia through events. In these unprecedented times, this is without doubt the biggest challenge where she is applying technologies and virtual platforms to the mix to keep us ahead of the crowd. 



Kevin has been in the case management world for 6 years now and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in PIP, ESA, Housing and UC applications and appeals. As a qualified Personal Trainer, he is able to bring practical application to our client’s needs and rehabilitation. If you get to speak to him on the phone, you may detect an accent as he is our South African import!




Abbie has spent many years coordinating care packages within the NHS utilising social and health care providers where possible. She has built upon links and knowledge of statutory services to coordinate care packages for those leaving hospital and returning to the community. She has managed large projects and teams of 40 plus and maintains her contacts with local providers to compliment her work in the private sector. She has mastered the process of accessing emergency care once comprehensive assessments are completed and liaises well with teams across the UK. Abbie’s case load includes clients in the Cambridgeshire region. She is happy to travel from her base in Cambridgeshire, which is close to the M11 and A1 corridor.



Joanna is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist and has worked in the NHS and in the private Healthcare Sector.  She is a very motivated professional who aims to provide the best possible care to those she works with.  Her experience includes Neurology, Orthopaedics, Community Rehabilitation and Social Services. Joanna Is based in Peterborough and available for work within a 50 mile radius




Mandy is experienced in traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries. Her ability to communicate with her clients is commendable and manages to relate to those who would otherwise disengage. She has experience of Complex Discharge Planning from an acute and rehabilitation setting including consideration of skin care and specific wheelchair provision based on client physical, cognitive and affective needs. She has developed ADL resources and transferred her knowledge and experience into the community to work with complex cases post injury. Mandy covers the Middleton area based in Ireland.

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Caragh is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist who has worked both in the UK and USA. She specializes in paediatrics, and has worked extensively in neurological rehabilitation with both young people and adults. She has worked in, and managed multi-disciplinary teams in a variety of settings, assisted in setting up a neuro paediatric unit at the Portland Hospital, London; and taught OT students at KCMC University, Tanzania. She has worked at specialist centers including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Mary Sheridan Centre, and the Epilepsy Society. Caragh’s wide ranging experience in the paediatric sector and within neuro rehab has given her a significant range of skills and knowledge locally, and nationally. 

Caragh covers Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, London and Kent.



Jo has 15 years experience working with Neurological conditions. Core competencies include assessment, treatment, planning and documenting interventions, case management and relationship building. Excellent attention to detail with strengths in communication and supporting families and individuals through their conditions. She is based in Peterborough and available for work within a 5o miles radius.



Alex has worked within the paediatric and adult sectors. He has worked in various settings gaining experience of physical, neurological, psychological, Social Emotional and Mental Health, and neuro-developmental streams of rehabilitation. As a case manager, Alex has worked on a variety of projects such as the Grenfell incident, Croydon Tram Crash, and major incidents. He has set up group support for participants and worked with charitable organisations to establish appropriate groups to promote occupation. He is adaptable to the needs of the client and will ensure his goals are shared and appropriate to meet the person’s needs.



Marian is a Registered Nurse who has been qualified for over thirty years. She has worked predominantly with individuals with spinal injuries for over twenty-five years.  She has worked in NHS and privately funded neurorehabilitation centers specialising is spinal and brain injuries. She has worked in both the high dependency area delivering care to ventilated individuals who had sustained high cervical spinal cord injuries as well as during the rehabilitation period including the goal planning process. Marian has worked as an independent case manager for over nine years, undertaking immediate needs assessments and providing case management services for adults and children with brain, spinal cord and multi trauma injuries. Marian is based in Hertfordshire and available with a 50mile radius.



Victoria has worked with complex medical and physical conditions with related mental health symptomology. She is adept in assessment, delivering and evaluating occupational therapy treatment programs in an adaptable and innovative way. Her passion for providing the best for her clients is seen in her extra-curricular studies and she is Occupational Therapy Research and Development Committee Member and Practice Educator for Oxford Brookes University and The University of Northampton. Her Primary research dissertation was ‘Exploring the meaning of work for the long-term unemployed’. Victoria covers the Midlands.



Kat is a senior occupational therapist and Case Manager with a wealth of experience with assessments, managing teams, signposting, problem solving, supporting clients with disabilities and understands that rehabilitation and the litigation process includes working collaboratively with clients and their family. Kat is located in Doncaster and covers a 50mile radius.

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Dr. Paul Priem Ph.D., D.Clin.Psy., H.C.P.C. Registered


P R I E M T H E R A P I E S Co. Ltd.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Vicky Gould

Neurological Occupational therapist

This is Vicky, our latest addition to MAIA. She has over 25yrs experience as an Occupational therapist and has gained a significant breadth and depth of experience in her specialist field of neurology - especially traumatic brain injury, and hand therapy. She works with clients following neurological illness or injury and provides a goal focused rehabilitation program.


Vicky has worked extensively in the Northants area and has gained a diverse catalog of contacts within both statutory service and private field.


Vicky is based in Northamptonshire with access to the M1 and M45.

Dr. Paul Priem


With over 16 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist I have worked with people experiencing the effects of a brain-injury and other neurological conditions. 


Following a brain-injury there are inevitably a series of difficulties to contend with, for both the person whose brain has been injured and the people with whom they have relationships.  I support the range of people effected, to deal with their actual and perceived losses and meet the challenges they face, by creating a context that emphasises new beginnings and a journey of discovery.


The neurorehabilitation that I provide addresses the full range of changes that people encounter, that might otherwise limit their participation in the relationships and activities that make them who they are.


My approach maintains this strong focus upon function and fulfilment in my approach to specific difficulties in the areas of cognition, mood, behaviour and decision making.


A wide-range of techniques can be employed including those drawn from neuro-behavioural, systemic, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused and third-wave therapeutic perspectives.  Feedback I have received suggests that I have developed a strong track record of providing interventions that are positive in impact, in both the shorter and longer-term, and cost-effective. 

The Accessible Information Standard (AIS) was introduced by the government in 2016 to make sure that people with a disability or sensory loss are given information in a way they can understand. It is now the law for the NHS and adult social care services to comply with AIS.

Here at MAIA we work hard to ensure that the information we provide is clear and can be understood by all of our clients.

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