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Our Specialist Rehabilitators are trained by our Neuropsychologist, OT and physiotherapist to enable them to provide confident support to your client and assist them to reach the personal goals they agreed with their case management team. 


SIRS will help you to rebuild the lives of your client, and be a valuable addition to your team, happily following the instructions of your therapists and helping you with some of the challenges of providing appropriate, supportive, and inspiring rehabilitation.  

Rehabilitation Assistant

Maia Rehabilitation have been building rehabilitation teams around clients who have received catastrophic injuries for over 12 years. We have experienced the difficulties in finding and keeping support workers with the skill and passion to meet our client’s needs and who can accurately identify and record their findings. Because of this, we developed our own Serious-Injury-Rehabilitation-Service (SIRS).


We are very proud to announce the we are Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registered. This means that all our policies and procedures have been rigorously assessed and approved by the leader in the care profession. This process is routinely reviewed and updated by our Care Manager and gives the client the assurance that you are in the best hands for your rehabilitation. 


Our very carefully selected teams are often psychology graduates or experienced with personal knowledge of injuries, an ability to learn, observe, feel compassion and encourage.  We equip them with tools to be fully aware and tuned-in to the symptoms of clients. We provide necessary training wherever possible for the client they work with and we provide full, bespoke training so they can manage medical risks in the client’s home. This training includes First Aid, Manual Handling, Lone Worker and Health & Safety. This list is not exhaustive!


We run responsive, monthly seminars on brain and spinal injuries and we supervise SIRS monthly, monitor their recordings weekly and, encourage them, nurture them and usually keep them! 

For a monthly fee, we can produce court friendly electronic daily report sheets which provide clear details for teams while producing clear and reliable evidence for instructing parties. 


SIRS are Personal Assistants trained to the highest standard of care in Brain and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation by our in-house Care Experts, Neuro Psychologist and training team. 

We ensure the most recent medical developments are implemented and we work with, and listen to the client’s case managers, adjusting the support package accordingly. We believe clients must have a solid and enjoyable relationship with those who they are comfortable investing their time. Our process is to match the client with the most appropriate SIRS to meet their needs.

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