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We strive to identify and maximise potential and growth, so we can help individuals be the best they can be.


Case Management

Case Managment

Our experienced team is versatile. Professional and friendly, offering innovative ideas for problem-solving, recovery and progression.


We have also built excellent relationships with Speech and Language therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists and physiotherapists nationally. 


Our small team of case managers work closely together and communicate well with instructing parties and, wherever possible we utilise our own trusted therapists - subject to their clinical specialities, location and very importantly, if they're right for the client.

Expert Witness

Occupational Therapy

Our team of clinicians are based across the UK and consists of Clinical Occupational Therapists, (Adult and Paediatric) Physiotherapists, Vocational Occupational Therapist and Neurological Occupational Therapists.


Our skilled team are required to provide evidence based therapeutic treatment to maximise participation focusing on both Physical and Psychological issues as a result of an injury or illness and work within the client’s home, workplace, school or local environment.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are allied health professionals. They work with parents, carers and other professionals, such as teachers, nurses, occupational therapists and doctors.

Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapy Session
Psychology and Physiotherapy

Psychology and Physiotherapy

Following a brain-injury there are inevitably a series of difficulties to contend with, for both the person whose brain has been injured and the people with whom they have relationships.  We support the range of people effected, to deal with their actual and perceived losses and meet the challenges they face, by creating a context that emphasises new beginnings and a journey of discovery.

A wide-range of techniques can be employed including those drawn from neuro-behavioural, systemic, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused and third-wave therapeutic perspectives.  Feedback we have received suggests that we have developed a strong track record of providing interventions that are positive in impact, in both the shorter and longer-term, and cost-effective

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