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Client: J - 50 year old male

Amputee - Osseointergation


J was referred to us in 2015 following a road traffic collision with a car while on his motorbike. He suffered with life changing injuries to his legs and right arm, and spent several weeks in Addenbrookes.


Following several procedures, J’s right leg was deemed irreparable and underwent an above knee amputation. His left leg, although also suffered multiple fractures, was stabilised with an external fixator and responded well to therapy and numerous follow-up procedures and was saved.


J’s right elbow suffered significant injury from the impact and his range of movement was severely affected, exacerbating his mobility issues considerably.



J was very determined to remain in control of his life and had strong views on his therapy, for example, after an initial period with an Occupational Therapist, he was strongly opposed to an OT going forward and wanted to manage this aspect himself. As the wants and needs of the client are foremost in our goal planning and with the case manager being an OT, we were in an excellent position to advise J when necessary.


J’s therapy team consisted of:

  • Three orthopaedic consultants – one for his legs, one for his Osseointergation surgery and another for his shoulder and elbowPhysiotherapist

  • Prosthetist

  • Psychologist

  • Plastic surgeon

  • Rehabilitation assistant.


In addition to the therapy team, J had specialist advice on his accommodation, assistive technology and vehicle adaption.


J made the decision not to have the traditional suction sleeve for his prosthetic leg but to have a revolutionary new procedure, Osseointergation (OI). This process involves the insertion of a titanium pin in his femur with a bayonet fitting to attach directly his prosthetic leg. This has become a popular choice where the amputees enjoy an active lifestyle or the residual stump is no conducive to wearing a sleeve.


As OI was very new procedure at the time, there was only two centres that were able to perform the surgery, one in Holland, the other in Australia. J opted to travel to Holland to undergo the operation and initial rehabilitation post operation plan. To facilitate this, we arranged the funding, accommodation, transportation and liaison with the Dutch team.


J had a very successful experience and was up on crutches within 24hrs of his operation and went from strength to strength. Despite several minor trips and overzealous physio incidents, including having to be repatriated from a holiday in Spain after a fall.


Throughout J’s rehabilitation, he has had the support of specially trained rehab assistant trained and employed by Maia. She supported J at medical appointments, therapies and activities of daily living..


J now accepts the necessity of an OT since relocating and enjoys a full life, back on his motorbike and walking his dog from his special adapted home on the south coast.

Client: S - 29 year old male  

Traumatic Brain Injury


In July 2020, S was cycling along a main road when he was hit by a car. He was admitted to hospital and put in an induced coma and remained in hospital for 3 weeks. The injuries incurred included traumatic brain injury, fractured shoulder, spinal fractures, fractured ribs and hemopneumothorax to both lungs. The consequences of these injuries included breathing difficulties, upper limb weakness, risk of seizures, fatigue, unable to work or return to his home.


In addition to S’s physical injuries, he also suffered significant psychological issues including reduced volition and motivation, poor memory, poor attention to task, poor concentration, abulia and poor planning & organising.


Initial recommendations from the case manager included neurology, psychology, orthopaedics, spinal consultant, respiratory consultation, physiotherapy, speech & language and rehabilitation assistant. There were further recommendations for assessments to be carried out on accommodation, transportation and finances.


As S had suffered complex cognitive, emotional, spinal and orthopaedic injuries, it was imperative to address both his mental and physical issues.  We employed a rehab assistant (RA) to support S with social integration, daily activities and attending his numerous medical appointments. As his rehab progressed the importance of the RA increased as S looked at vocational activities and achieving goals. One of S’s main goals was to marry his long-term girlfriend which he fulfilled this year.


S has made significant progress in all areas including volunteering as a coach at his golf club once a week, which involves him planning appointments, creating lesson plans and interacting with others. S has been a guest speaker on our monthly webinars on his experiences with rehab and a second webinar on the effects of his injury on the wider family. Both these, and many more, are available to watch on our YouTube channel xxxxxxxxxx


“I first met Jill and Maia when my solicitor recommended her and the team. My first meeting was with Jill on Zoom because of COVID and within the first few minutes she made me feel important and my needs mattered. She recommended a team of specialists to help me and each one has been fantastic. Since having my team on board, my confidence has grown, my anxiety has reduced and I’m starting to rebuild my life, and I feel it has purpose again.  Prior to Maia, I didn’t leave home, and I felt like a scared little boy.


I feel like Jill, Gaby and the team always have time and patience for me when I call for a chat or ask for support. Working with them has saved my life and I feel like it’s impossible to put into words how grateful and thankful I am to have Maia on my side. I am lucky to them.”

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